"I guess it’d be nice to be able to go on land" 


FACE family for a facebook cover…get it?….never mind. 



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I finally finished that one fic I told you I’d make! Its based off that one sad hetalia comic where the FACE family went to the beach. Hopefully I did the story justice, as this was my first time ever writing fanfiction. 

Here is the link to it:

Thank you for your comics and art!

Oh my gosh im jsut posting this right now~ its been a busy few weeks but im really grateful for your fic!!!! ahhh!!!! it makes me want to draw some fluffy FACE Family again! oh my

i almost forgot how i love these 4 as a family unit ; o ; 

i drew a thing for it ahaha


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15 days of fanmixes:
 ★ day one || your otp: 
a little fanmix for all those thirsty prucan kids

01.peach moon - the unicorns || 02. you - tally hall || 03. speak up - POP ETC || 04. companions - the dodos || 05. congratulations - MGMT || 06. toothpaste kisses - the maccabees || 07.i think ur a contra - vampire weekend || 08. wish you were here - pink floyd || 09.northern downpour - panic! at the disco || 10.a p p l e p e e l s - WHATEVER, DAD || 11.welcome home - radical face || 12.young blood (renholdër remix) - the naked and famous

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I really wanted to challenge myself and do a full body picture and seeing as there is a lack of NedCan this became a thing. I’ll probably color this tomorrow if my mom doesn’t yell at me for staying up late to finish this.